Many changes were seen in the online gambling community in the US in the year 2006. It was the year where the US government decided to proclaim online gambling as illegal by forbidding monetary transactions that involves online USA casinos and its US players. 

A lot has been said and done but it is so obvious that a lot of online USA casinos are still operating these days. The gambling population is foreseeing major changes in the future since the great economic slump experienced by the US at present. The government is earning through gaming taxes so it is undeniably true that the government is slowly opening its doors to USA casinos online once again.

But despite the legalization of online casinos in a few states, there are still a number of areas in the US who are very firm about their decision to ban online gambling. With this confusing situation, it became very hard for US players to find reliable and legitimate online casinos that will let them play.

Another problem that USA casinos have to hurdle is the monetary deposit and withdrawal method. A lot of online casinos are refusing to transact with US players because of the confusing situation online gambling has in the US today.

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